About Us

Not every mission is successful and this one falls into that category. We have decided to stop working on this and go on to our next mission. For those who ordered from us, we appreciate your support.

Welcome to SGT Dee’s T-Shirts, where we celebrate the Army life experience with a touch of humor! We’ve got the finest Army-themed tees that will make you laugh till you drop your MRE. We’ve had partners deployed to every crummy place on this planet, from Afghanistan to Vietnam, and boy, do they have stories to tell!

Oh, and let’s not forget about our shirts. They’re printed on Gildan Blanks, the superhero of sustainable companies. These bad boys have been named one of the World’s Most Sustainably Managed Companies. That’s right, folks, our shirts are eco-friendly and ready to make you look sharp while saving the planet. Talk about a win-win!

So, if you’re ready to rock some hilarious Army-themed tees that’ll make your buddies in the barracks jealous, reach out to us at bob@SgtDee.com. We can’t wait to have you on board because Army life is all about laughs, camaraderie, and making the world a better place, one funny t-shirt at a time!

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