About Us

Welcome to SGT Dee’s T-Shirts, an Army Veteran Employee Owned Company. SGT Dee came together in 2022 with an initial partner group of nine Army Veterans ranging in rank from LTC to SP4. Our dates of service range from 1971 to current active duty partners. Our partners have been deployed to almost every bad place on the planet, from Vietnam to Afghanistan and many others. Our designs celebrate the choice Army Veterans make toward a life of service and adventure over the standard civilian option of ease and comfort. If you are an Army veteran passionate about Army service and t-shirt design, we always seek additional Army Veteran Partners.

Being all Veterans, we all share life experiences where we were taught to run into the fight and to value our team above ourselves. Every veteran learns different things from their service, but we all have a common bond. It seems like all Veteran Businesses give back to the Veteran Community, with most serving great causes like Mental Health, PTSD, Wounded Warriors, and many others.

SGT Dee will invest in the positive Public Image of Veterans to help them find employment and qualify for other opportunities. The media only tells the stories of those that need help, and far too many of our fellow soldiers do. However, most Army Veterans return and are community contributors and leaders. We want to tell Veteran Contributions and Success Stories. We want the American public to know that Army life creates strong individuals passionate about service to others before themselves. Veterans give back much more than they take, but nobody tells their story.

Contact Us at bob@SgtDee.com

Veteran Owned Small Business
Serviced Disabled Veteran Owned Business

SGT Dee qualifies as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with several of our employees with VA Claim Letters. All our employees are Army Veterans and owners. If our ownership shifts around, and it does, we still qualify as a Veteran Owned Small Business. As we write this, we are working on completing the filings.