The Army Recruiting Crisis

80% of recruits have a veteran in their circle of influence. Based on this fact Army Veterans are critical to solving the recruiting crisis. We need to tell the true Army Service Stories to the next generation. If we leave this to the news media, the next generation will not step up to the grand challenge of protecting this nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.   

News Media Veteran Image

The news media paints a horrific image of the Army Veteran causing problems in veteran transitions and recruiting. The news media focuses on 0.1% of our Army Veterans that have problems and need help. They tell these stories because they are easy to tell, create catchy headlines, and get great ratings. The news media Veteran image is a homeless, non-contributing member of society with mental illness and catastrophic injuries that need our pity and help. We have veterans with these problems, and our brothers and sisters in arms need our support, but they are a tiny minority of the Army Veteran Community. We must take our image back and tell the true story of Army Veterans.    

The True Story?

Army Veterans return to their communities and contribute more than those who never served. Army Veterans choose a life dedicated to the service of others over the self-serving pursuit of ease and comfort, a life choice that lives well past their discharge date. Veterans are leaders who value the team over themselves and create amazing results in the businesses and communities that they land in. Veterans excel in leadership, discipline, teamwork, performance under stress, and community service.

Be of Service

As a Transitioned Veteran, talk about your Army service. Share true experiences about Army life and why you chose a life of service and adventure. Tell them about the camaraderie and the flavor of life that the protected will never know. Engage the next generation with authentic stories about the honor of service and tell the part of the story that the news media never tells. They have heard the bad, so let’s tell the rest of the story because, as we know, it is nuanced and not built on 6-second word bites.          

Human Resources

Do not let HR operate with the news media Veteran image. HR professionals must know how Army Service develops professional leaders and how military skills translate and transfer. Properly informed, HR professionals will more fairly consider Veteran applicants improving transitions and the quality of hires. Army life is not easy, but it builds smart risk-taking loyal leaders with a mission focus and a till-done work ethic, exactly what most businesses want.     


Veterans bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the recruiting and transition challenges and can serve as mentors, role models, and ambassadors. You stepped up once, and there is no expiration to your oath of service, so please continue to serve. Contact your local Army Recruiter or email SSG, and he will help connect you. Enroll here to take this to the next level as an Army Community Partner. or call 1-888-550-2769


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